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Founded by Yale alumnus Duc Luu, The Edge provides thousands of students support for Admissions into Harvard, Stanford, MIT as well as most of the Top 50 American Universities.  With a soon-to-be launched Online Adaptive Platform and Conisistent Empirical Success in all the top exams, The Edge offers the world's best system for teaching students how to meet their college and boarding school requirements. 


Why Choose Us?

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We not only provide the top results in Hong Kong and China, we also lead the continent of Asia in Test Preparation, Admissions Consulting and Academic Tutoring.  We are #1 for a distinct reason.  Our proven track record comes from years of precisely assembling the best curriculum and methods available to an Academic Center.  Investing in The Edge franchise as an owner operator will grant you access to our unique solutions for Top Academic results.  


Global Pressence


Join the #1 Revenue Growth Producing Tutoring Franchise in Asia.  Headquartered in Hong Kong and Boston, The Edge Learning Centers instructs middle school and high school students in Test Preparation for the leading US College Exams and Boarding Schools, and advises them for admissions to Top US Colleges and Private Schools.  With centers in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, our highly prized locations are limited with current site licenses only available in several countries.