Q: What does purchasing a franchise mean to me? 

A: Our global brand helps franchisees gain instant recognition in a dynamic industry where players often come and go.  Over the last 8 years, we have empowered tens of thousands of students to achieve their dreams.  We have also given them significant skills through our training and advancements in technology.  The franchisee services continues to increase.  A franchise package includes: 

  • Exclusive territory in a major city/region/country (area development rights)
  • Intensive 4 week training program at Headquarters in Hong Kong
  • Industry leading business and operations manuals
  • Ongoing support and mentoring program - both on-site and remotely 
  • Regular high-level training events and annual conferences bettering all practices for maximum effectiveness
  • A wide variety of online events and self-paced e-learning resources
  • HR support
  • Marketing support

Q: What if a region was already taken? 

A: We are looking to partner with companies and people for the long-term in order to create a global education and business network, in all major cities, of high calibre operators who are committed to achieving financial freedom whilst ensuring the success of others.  Please contact us still, and we will most likely have an opportunity. 

For any other countries, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Franchising team at: info@theedgefranchising.com